Title: Shirly (For my mother)Choreographer: Evelyn Toh, Performers: Evelyn Toh and Colette Miller, Music: Atlas Boy by Jonsi & Alex, Premier: Masters of Dance 2017 at Sam Houston State University, Synopsis: A piece for my mother. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” -Robert Munsch

Title: Untitled, Choreographer: Evelyn Toh, Performer: Evelyn Toh, Music: The Swan by Saint-Saens, Synopsis: A short solo choreographed for Graduate School acceptance

Title: Meiosis, Choreographer: Evelyn Toh, Performers: Hope Zehler, Rachel Culver, Yu-Ling Yeh, Kalee Irwin, Music: Excavating The Past by Olafur Arnalds, Premier: Masters of Dance 2017 at Sam Houston State University, Synopsis: A piece that explores an individual’s identity within a group. How much does the group influence the individual? Can an individual truly disassociate from the group, or does he merely evolve out of the group with its remnants woven into his own fabric?




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